Can I Make Toys R Us Layaway Payments Online

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As a parent, I understand the joy of being able to provide my kids with the toys they desire. This is why I’ve been exploring the option of making layaway payments online for purchases from Toys R Us. It’s a convenient way to budget for larger purchases while ensuring that the items are secured for my kids. After conducting some research, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned.

What is Layaway?

Layaway is a purchasing method that allows customers to place a deposit on items and pay for them over time through installment payments. Once the full amount is paid, the customer can then take home the items. This is particularly helpful for budgeting and avoiding credit card debt.

Online Layaway at Toys R Us

Unfortunately, it seems that Toys R Us, at this time, does not offer the option to make layaway payments online. While they do offer layaway in their physical stores, the convenience of managing and making payments online would certainly be a helpful feature for many parents like myself.

Benefits of Online Layaway

Online layaway offers the convenience of managing payments from the comfort of your home. With busy schedules and the ease of online shopping, being able to handle layaway payments online would be a welcome convenience. It would also provide the flexibility to adjust payment amounts and schedules as needed.

My Experience

While I was disappointed to find out that Toys R Us does not currently offer online layaway, I did find some alternative options for budgeting and making payments for toys and other items online. These include using budgeting apps, saving towards the purchase, and utilizing credit options with responsible spending and payment planning.


Ultimately, while the ability to make layaway payments online at Toys R Us would have been a convenient option for parents like myself, there are still alternative methods to carefully budget for and purchase toys for our kids. Hopefully, in the near future, Toys R Us will consider adding the option for online layaway, providing an even more convenient shopping experience for their customers.