Can I Exchange Php To Sgd In Changi Airport

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When traveling to Singapore, one of the most common concerns for many visitors is the need to exchange currency. During my recent trip to Changi Airport, I was also curious about the process of exchanging PHP (Philippine Peso) to SGD (Singapore Dollar). Let me share my experience and insights on this topic.

Exchanging PHP to SGD at Changi Airport

Upon arriving at Changi Airport, I was pleased to find several currency exchange counters conveniently located throughout the airport terminals. These counters offered the option to exchange a variety of currencies, including PHP to SGD. The staff at these counters were helpful and efficient, making the process quick and convenient.

One thing to keep in mind is that the exchange rates at the airport may not be the most favorable. It’s important to compare the rates offered at the airport with those available at local banks or currency exchange offices in the city. However, for the sake of convenience, exchanging a small amount of PHP to SGD at the airport may be worth it, especially if you need local currency immediately upon arrival.

Using ATMs

Another option for obtaining SGD is to use the ATMs located throughout Changi Airport. Most ATMs accept international cards and offer the option to withdraw SGD directly from your account in PHP. However, it’s essential to check with your home bank regarding any additional fees or foreign transaction charges that may apply.

Personal Note

During my visit, I opted to exchange a small amount of PHP to SGD at the airport to cover immediate expenses such as transportation and meals upon arrival. I found the process to be straightforward, and while the rates were not the most competitive, the convenience was worth it for the peace of mind.


Overall, exchanging PHP to SGD at Changi Airport is a convenient option for travelers needing immediate access to local currency. However, for larger amounts, exploring other options such as local banks or independent currency exchange offices in the city may yield more favorable rates. Regardless of the approach, it’s always wise to be mindful of exchange rates and any associated fees to make the most of your currency exchange.