Can Chatgpt Make A Google Slide Presentation

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Can ChatGPT create a presentation in Google Slides?

As an AI language model, I can definitely help you explore the capabilities of ChatGPT when it comes to creating a Google Slide presentation. While ChatGPT is a powerful tool for generating text, it is important to note that it does not have direct access to a user interface or the ability to interact with specific software platforms like Google Slides. However, I can assist you in understanding the process of creating a Google Slide presentation and provide guidance on the content and structure. Let’s dive into the details!

Planning Your Google Slide Presentation

Before diving into the creation process, it’s crucial to spend some time planning your presentation. Consider the purpose, target audience, and key message you want to convey. This will help you outline the structure and content of your slides.

  • Identify the main topic or theme of your presentation.
  • Break down the content into sections or key points.
  • Create a logical flow for your slides.

Create a Google Slide Presentation

Now that you have a clear plan, it’s time to put it into action and create your Google Slide presentation. While ChatGPT cannot directly create the presentation for you, I can guide you through the process of using Google Slides.

  1. Open Google Slides by visiting and logging in to your Google account.
  2. Choose a presentation template or start with a blank slide.
  3. Add slides to your presentation by clicking on the “New Slide” button.
  4. Customize each slide by adding text, images, charts, and other elements.
  5. Organize your slides and adjust the layout using the various options available.
  6. Add transitions and animations to enhance the visual appeal of your presentation.
  7. Review and edit your slides until you are satisfied with the content and design.

Adding Personal Touches and Commentary

While ChatGPT cannot directly add personal touches or commentary to your slides, it can certainly assist you in generating ideas and content. Feel free to ask specific questions or request suggestions based on the topic of your presentation. Additionally, you can use ChatGPT to generate introductory or concluding paragraphs, create engaging slide titles, or assist with refining your overall message.


Hey ChatGPT, can you help me come up with an attention-grabbing opening for my presentation on renewable energy?

ChatGPT: Certainly! How about starting with an intriguing statistic or a thought-provoking question to capture your audience’s attention? For instance, you could begin by stating, “Did you know that renewable energy sources are projected to surpass coal as the world’s largest source of power by 2025?” This will immediately grab the audience’s attention and set the tone for your presentation.


While ChatGPT cannot directly create a Google Slide presentation, it can offer guidance, generate ideas, and assist with refining your content. Remember to plan your presentation carefully, utilize the features available in Google Slides, and add your personal touches to make it engaging and memorable. Best of luck with your presentation!