Can Brigitte Bash Rien Sheild

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Brigitte is one of the unique heroes in Overwatch with her melee attacks and supportive role on the battlefield. One common question that arises among players is whether Brigitte can bash Reinhardt’s shield. As an Overwatch enthusiast, I’ve encountered this situation many times and have done my research to provide a definitive answer and clear up any confusion.

Understanding Brigitte’s Shield Bash

Brigitte’s Shield Bash is a powerful ability that allows her to lunge forward and stun an enemy upon impact. It’s important to note that Shield Bash is not meant to break or penetrate enemy barriers such as Reinhardt’s shield. Instead, its primary purpose is to disrupt and stun enemy heroes, making them vulnerable to follow-up attacks from Brigitte and her teammates.

The Interaction with Reinhardt’s Shield

When it comes to Reinhardt’s barrier, it’s designed to withstand a significant amount of damage and block incoming enemy fire. Brigitte’s Shield Bash, however, doesn’t directly affect or damage Reinhardt’s shield. In the game, when Brigitte uses Shield Bash against Reinhardt’s shield, it doesn’t break or disable the shield in any way. Instead, the shield remains intact, and Reinhardt can continue to protect himself and his team behind it.

Strategic Considerations

While Brigitte’s Shield Bash may not be able to directly impact Reinhardt’s shield, it’s still a valuable tool in certain situations. For example, using Shield Bash to stun Reinhardt himself can momentarily disrupt his defensive positioning, creating an opportunity for Brigitte’s team to capitalize on the opening. Additionally, Shield Bash can be effective against other enemy heroes who rely on mobility and agility, making it a versatile ability in various combat scenarios.


In conclusion, Brigitte’s Shield Bash does not have the capability to break or disable Reinhardt’s shield. However, it remains a crucial part of Brigitte’s kit for disrupting and stunning enemy heroes. Understanding the interactions between different hero abilities is essential for mastering Overwatch and making strategic decisions during intense battles.