Can Brigitte Bash Rein Charge

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As a long-time fan of Overwatch, I’ve always been fascinated by the unique abilities and interactions between heroes. One question that often comes up in discussions is whether Brigitte can bash Reinhardt out of his charge. Let’s dive into this interesting topic and explore the mechanics behind it.

The Abilities in Question

Brigitte’s Shield Bash ability and Reinhardt’s Charge ability are both formidable tools in a team’s arsenal. Brigitte’s Shield Bash allows her to lunge forward and stun an enemy, while Reinhardt’s Charge sees him make a powerful charge forward, pinning the first enemy in his path. The clash between these two abilities has sparked numerous debates within the Overwatch community.

Understanding the Game Mechanics

Overwatch is a game with intricate mechanics, and understanding how different abilities interact is crucial. When it comes to Brigitte’s Shield Bash and Reinhardt’s Charge, timing is everything. If Brigitte uses Shield Bash before Reinhardt makes contact with her, she can indeed stun him out of his charge, effectively halting his momentum and canceling the ability. However, if Brigitte uses Shield Bash after Reinhardt has made contact, the outcome is quite different. In this case, Brigitte will be hit by Reinhardt’s charge, likely resulting in her being pinned against a wall or solid object.

Personal Experience

During my time playing Overwatch, I’ve had my fair share of encounters as both Brigitte and Reinhardt. When facing off against a charging Reinhardt as Brigitte, timing and quick reflexes are essential. A well-timed Shield Bash can turn the tide of a battle, stopping Reinhardt in his tracks and potentially saving a teammate from being pinned. On the flip side, as a Reinhardt player, I’ve experienced the frustration of having my charge abruptly halted by a vigilant Brigitte.

Community Insights

Discussions and debates about this interaction can be found across Overwatch forums and social media platforms. Many players have shared their own experiences and strategies for effectively countering or capitalizing on this interaction. Some emphasize the importance of communication and coordination within the team to maximize the impact of these abilities, while others highlight the skill and timing required to execute these maneuvers successfully.


In conclusion, the clash between Brigitte’s Shield Bash and Reinhardt’s Charge adds an extra layer of depth to Overwatch’s gameplay. The interaction between these abilities showcases the dynamic nature of the game and the importance of knowing each hero’s strengths and weaknesses. Whether you’re a Brigitte main, a Reinhardt enthusiast, or simply an Overwatch fan, understanding these intricate interactions can elevate your gameplay and appreciation for the game’s complexity.