A&t Bank Swift Code

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As a frequent user of A&T Bank, I have often come across the term “SWIFT code” during my banking transactions. Initially, I was curious about what exactly this code meant and why it was required. After conducting some research, I discovered that SWIFT codes play a crucial role in facilitating international money transfers. In this article, I will delve into the details of A&T Bank’s SWIFT code and explain why it is essential for seamless international transactions.

Understanding SWIFT Codes

SWIFT codes, also known as Bank Identifier Codes (BIC), are unique identification codes assigned to financial institutions worldwide. These codes ensure the smooth and secure transfer of funds across different banks and countries. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is responsible for managing and allocating these codes to individual banks.

A&T Bank’s SWIFT code serves as its globally recognized identity, allowing other financial institutions to identify and route transactions to the bank accurately. This code comprises a combination of letters and numbers that convey specific information about the bank and its branch.

Diving into A&T Bank’s SWIFT Code

A&T Bank’s SWIFT code is ATBNUS33XXX. Let’s break it down to understand its structure and significance.

  • ATBN: The first four characters of the SWIFT code represent the bank’s unique identifier. In this case, “ATBN” stands for A&T Bank.
  • US: The following two characters represent the country code. Here, “US” denotes the United States, where A&T Bank is located.
  • 33: The next two characters indicate the location code, specifying the bank’s primary office or headquarters.
  • XXX: The final three characters are optional and denote the branch code. In this case, “XXX” implies that A&T Bank does not require a specific branch identifier for international transactions.

It is crucial to note that the SWIFT code, including all its components, is case-insensitive. Therefore, “ATBNUS33XXX” and “atbnus33xxx” would be considered the same code.

Why is A&T Bank’s SWIFT Code Important?

A&T Bank’s SWIFT code holds vital importance when conducting international money transfers. The code ensures that funds are accurately routed to the intended beneficiary’s account within the bank. Without a valid SWIFT code, the transfer process may encounter delays or, in worst-case scenarios, result in the funds being routed to the wrong bank altogether.

By providing A&T Bank’s SWIFT code, individuals and businesses can confidently initiate cross-border transactions, knowing that their funds will be safely directed to the correct beneficiary. This code acts as a standardized identifier, enabling international banks to communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

A&T Bank’s Commitment to International Transactions

A&T Bank’s adoption of the SWIFT system reflects its commitment to providing efficient and secure international banking services. The use of SWIFT codes demonstrates the bank’s dedication to streamlining cross-border transactions, reducing errors, and ensuring customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, understanding A&T Bank’s SWIFT code is essential for anyone engaging in international transactions with the bank. This unique code serves as an identification tool, facilitating accurate routing and seamless communication between financial institutions. By utilizing A&T Bank’s SWIFT code, customers can have confidence in the safety and efficiency of their international money transfers. So the next time you make an international transaction with A&T Bank, remember to include their SWIFT code to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.