Are Franklin And Bash And Suits In The Same Universe

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As a fan of legal TV shows, I have often found myself pondering the idea of potential crossover connections between different series. One popular theory that has gained traction among fans is the possibility of “Franklin & Bash” and “Suits” existing in the same universe. Let’s delve into this intriguing speculation and explore the evidence that supports this theory.

The Characters and Legal Environment

“Franklin & Bash” follows the unconventional and charismatic lawyers Jared Franklin and Peter Bash as they navigate the legal landscape of Los Angeles. On the other hand, “Suits” revolves around a brilliant college dropout, Mike Ross, who begins working with a top Manhattan corporate lawyer, Harvey Specter, despite not having a law degree. While the shows are geographically and stylistically different, both series focus on the dynamic relationships between lawyers and their unconventional methods of practicing law.

Crossover References and Easter Eggs

One of the key elements that fuels the speculation of a shared universe is the presence of crossover references and Easter eggs. Both shows have made subtle nods to each other that suggest a potential connection. For instance, “Franklin & Bash” features a character named Rachel King, an ambitious and cunning lawyer played by Heather Locklear. Interestingly, “Suits” also has a prominent character named Rachel Zane, portrayed by Meghan Markle. The similarity in the characters’ names has led to speculation among fans about the possibility of a deliberate connection between the two series.

Legal and Corporate Dynamics

Another aspect that supports the idea of a shared universe is the portrayal of legal and corporate dynamics in both shows. Both “Franklin & Bash” and “Suits” highlight the cutthroat nature of the legal profession and the high-stakes cases that dominate the storyline. Additionally, they both depict the power struggles within law firms and the complex relationships between attorneys and their clients. The thematic similarities in portraying the legal and corporate world provide a compelling argument for the potential existence of a shared universe.


While the idea of “Franklin & Bash” and “Suits” existing in the same universe is purely speculative and has not been officially confirmed, the subtle references, thematic similarities, and the playful nods to each other in the shows have fueled the imagination of fans. Whether intentional or coincidental, the possibility of a shared universe between these two legal dramas continues to spark lively discussions and debates among enthusiasts. As a fan, I can’t help but wonder about the potential for crossover storylines and interactions between the colorful characters of both series. Could we ever witness Jared Franklin and Peter Bash crossing paths with Harvey Specter and Mike Ross? The speculation remains an exciting and tantalizing subject for fans to explore.