A View Source Bookmarklet Html5

HTML Programming

Hey there, fellow web enthusiasts! Today, I’m excited to dive into the fascinating world of creating a view source bookmarklet for HTML5. As a web developer, I understand the importance of having quick and easy access to view the source code of a webpage. That’s why I find the concept of a view source bookmarklet in HTML5 so intriguing and useful. Let’s explore how to create one and how it can enhance our web development workflow.

Understanding Bookmarklets

Before we delve into creating a view source bookmarklet, let’s talk about bookmarklets in general. These little gems are like browser bookmarks, but instead of opening a new webpage, they execute JavaScript code on the current page. They are incredibly handy for automating tasks and adding functionality to the browser without installing extensions.

What is a View Source Bookmarklet?

A view source bookmarklet is a small piece of JavaScript code that, when clicked in the browser’s bookmarks bar, opens a new tab or window showing the source code of the current webpage. This can be a game-changer for web developers who frequently need to inspect and analyze the source of various websites.

Creating the View Source Bookmarklet

Now, let’s get our hands dirty and create our own view source bookmarklet for HTML5. Here’s the JavaScript code we’ll use:

javascript:(function() {
    var source = "\n" + document.documentElement.outerHTML;
    var newWindow = window.open();
" + source + "


Once you’ve copied the code above, here’s how you can turn it into a bookmarklet:

  1. Right-click your browser’s bookmarks bar and select “Add Page”.
  2. For the URL, paste the JavaScript code provided.
  3. Give your bookmarklet a name, like “View Source”.
  4. Click “Save”.

Using the Bookmarklet

With the view source bookmarklet now in your bookmarks bar, you can navigate to any webpage and simply click on the “View Source” bookmarklet. A new tab will open, displaying the raw HTML source code of the current webpage. This quick access can be a real time-saver and provide valuable insights into how a webpage is constructed behind the scenes.

Personal Benefits

I have found the view source bookmarklet to be an invaluable tool in my daily web development tasks. It allows me to quickly peek under the hood of any website without having to go through the browser’s menu options. Whether I’m debugging a layout issue or simply curious about the structure of a well-designed page, this bookmarklet has become a go-to resource for me.


Creating a view source bookmarklet for HTML5 can significantly enhance your web development workflow. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that provides immediate access to the inner workings of any webpage. If you’re a web developer or simply curious about how websites are built, I highly recommend adding this nifty bookmarklet to your browser. Happy coding!