A Powershell Window Pops Up When I Start Windows


When I first encountered the issue of a PowerShell window popping up every time I started Windows, I found it to be quite a nuisance. After some investigation and troubleshooting, I discovered that this problem can occur due to various reasons, including startup scripts, scheduled tasks, or even malware.

Identifying the Cause

Upon exploring the issue further, I realized that certain startup programs or scripts might be configured to launch PowerShell at startup. To check this, I navigated to the Startup folder by entering shell:startup in the File Explorer’s address bar.

Additionally, I used the Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc) to review any tasks that might be triggering the PowerShell window to pop up at startup.

Investigating Malware

It’s important to consider the possibility of malware causing the unwanted PowerShell window to appear. I made sure to run a thorough scan using a trusted antivirus program to rule out any malicious activity that could be invoking PowerShell during the startup process.

Disabling Startup Scripts

To address the issue, I carefully reviewed the contents of the Startup folder and disabled any unnecessary programs or scripts that might be triggering the PowerShell window. I did this by right-clicking on the program or script and selecting “Disable”.

Task Scheduler Analysis

I also meticulously examined the Task Scheduler for any tasks that might be linked to the PowerShell window appearing at startup. I found and disabled any suspicious or unwanted tasks to see if it had any effect on the issue.


After taking these steps and being persistent in my investigation, I was eventually able to resolve the problem of the PowerShell window popping up every time I started Windows. By identifying the root cause, whether it was related to startup programs, scheduled tasks, or potential malware, I regained a smooth and hassle-free startup experience.