A-plus Suketto Sanjou Sandy Bash 1 6 Painted Figure Damaged

Welcome to my review and discussion of the A-Plus Suketto Sanjou Sandy Bash 1/6 Painted Figure. As a passionate collector and enthusiast of anime and manga figures, I was excited to add this piece to my collection. However, upon receiving the figure, I encountered some unexpected issues that I’d like to share with you.

The Figure

The A-Plus Suketto Sanjou Sandy Bash 1/6 Painted Figure is a stunning representation of the character, with intricate details and vibrant colors. The dynamic pose and expression capture the essence of the character, making it a desirable addition to any collection.

Quality Concerns

Upon unboxing the figure, I noticed some noticeable flaws in the paintwork, particularly around the facial features and certain areas of the clothing. Additionally, there were small chips and scratches on various parts of the figure, which was disappointing considering the otherwise high level of detail and craftsmanship.

Customer Support

After reaching out to the seller to address the issues with the figure, I found their customer support to be responsive and understanding. They offered a partial refund and provided useful tips for repairing the damage, which I appreciated.

Personal Reflection

As a collector, encountering a damaged figure was disheartening, especially considering the anticipation and excitement of adding it to my collection. While the flaws were disappointing, I also found it to be an opportunity to learn more about figure maintenance and restoration, which added a unique dimension to my hobby.


In conclusion, the A-Plus Suketto Sanjou Sandy Bash 1/6 Painted Figure is a visually stunning piece that unfortunately arrived with noticeable flaws. While the quality issues were a setback, the experience provided valuable insight into both the vendor’s customer service and personal figure maintenance. As collectors, we understand that imperfections are part of the journey, and I remain optimistic about the potential for restoration and enjoyment of this unique figure.