A Marquee Box Css

CSS Programming

Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite CSS features – the marquee box. It’s a cool and fun way to add movement and visual interest to your web pages. With a few lines of code, you can create a scrolling or bouncing effect that will grab your visitors’ attention.

Before we dive into the details, let me share a personal story. I remember the first time I discovered the marquee box. I was working on a project that needed some extra flair, and I stumbled upon this little gem. It was like finding a hidden treasure. I couldn’t wait to experiment with it and see what I could create.

What is a Marquee Box?

A marquee box is a CSS property that allows you to animate the movement of text or images on your webpage. It creates a scrolling or bouncing effect, making the content move across the screen. It’s a great way to add a dynamic element to your design and capture your visitors’ attention.

To create a marquee box, you can use the CSS property overflow: marquee;. This property has a few additional options to control the direction, speed, and behavior of the animation.


The direction of the marquee box can be set using the direction property. You have two options: left and right. Set it to left to make the content scroll from right to left, or set it to right to make it scroll from left to right.


The speed of the marquee box can be adjusted using the scrollamount property. This property specifies the number of pixels the content should move per second. The higher the value, the faster the scrolling speed.


The behavior of the marquee box can be controlled using the behavior property. You have three options: scroll, alternate, and slide.

  • scroll is the default behavior. It makes the content continuously scroll in the specified direction.
  • alternate makes the content scroll back and forth between the start and end points.
  • slide makes the content slide in and out of view.


Now, let’s see some examples to bring this concept to life. Imagine you have a website that sells sneakers. You can use a marquee box to create a scrolling banner that showcases the latest sneaker releases, like this:

<div class="marquee">
<h3>New Sneaker Releases</h3>
<li>Nike Air Max 90</li>
<li>Adidas Ultra Boost</li>
<li>Puma RS-X</li>

The CSS code for the marquee box would be:

.marquee {
overflow: marquee;
direction: left;
scrollamount: 3;
behavior: scroll;

By adjusting the values of the direction, scrollamount, and behavior properties, you can customize the scrolling effect to suit your design.


The marquee box is a versatile CSS feature that can add a touch of motion and excitement to your web pages. Whether you want to create a scrolling banner, a bouncing logo, or an attention-grabbing headline, the marquee box has got you covered. Remember to experiment and play around with the different options to achieve the desired effect. Happy coding!