A Change Of Origin Can Be Written As R

R Programming

As a technical enthusiast, I have always been fascinated by the concept of changing origin in mathematics. The ability to represent a point or a vector with a new reference point is not only intriguing but also has practical applications in various fields such as computer graphics, physics, and engineering.

The Basics of Changing Origin

When we talk about changing the origin, we are essentially redefining the coordinate system with a new reference point. This process involves shifting all existing points to maintain their relative positions with respect to the new origin. In two-dimensional space, a point with coordinates (x, y) with respect to the old origin can be represented with coordinates (x’, y’) with respect to the new origin.

Mathematical Representation

This transformation can be mathematically represented as:

x' = x - r_x
y' = y - r_y

Where (r_x, r_y) are the coordinates of the new origin.

Visualizing the Transformation

To visualize this transformation, imagine a map where the old origin is a city, and the new origin is a different city. All the existing landmarks on the map need to be shifted to align with the new city as the reference point. This concept simplifies complex calculations and allows for a more intuitive understanding of spatial transformations.

Applications in Computer Graphics

One of the areas where changing origin plays a crucial role is computer graphics. When rendering images on a screen, it is often necessary to shift the origin to the center of the screen for easier manipulation of objects. This transformation simplifies the process of scaling, rotating, and translating objects within the graphical environment.

Personal Touch

Personally, I find the concept of changing origin to be a powerful tool in simplifying complex mathematical problems. It’s like reimagining the world from a different vantage point, allowing for a fresh perspective on spatial relationships and geometric concepts.


Exploring the concept of changing origin has not only deepened my understanding of mathematical transformations but also influenced my approach to problem-solving in various technical domains. The ability to redefine reference points opens doors to creative solutions and a deeper comprehension of spatial relationships.