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VectorLinux Editions

VectorLinux is a fast, light-weight Linux distribution with hand picked, well integrated software that is designed to work well on older hardware, and positively flies on modern computers. For your convenience it comes in four "editions" or flavors.

Powerful + Full Featured + Extras

VectorLinux Deluxe Edition:

This edition is available as a mail order CD and purchased High Speed Downloads, containing our standard edition plus numerous additional applications specific to that VL version. The CD includes lot of extra applications which you can add at will to build the system which best fits your requirements. Additional included applications are KDE,  OpenOffice and E17 amongst many others.
This edition would suit those without high-speed Internet connections and/or those who would like to help contribute to the VectorLinux community.

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Fast + Powerful + Modern

VectorLinux Standard Edition:

This is our foundation edition - a freely downloadable distribution, which includes best of breed applications for every task and is specifically designed for use on older computers with slower processors and less RAM, or for those who appreciate bloat-free distributions. Features include the fast Xfce desktop environment, multimedia, email, web browsing, word processing, spreadsheets, and networking applications. It forms the stable base of our other editions and is ideally suited for an Internet workstation.

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Productivity + KDE + OpenOffice

VectorLinux SOHO Edition:

The SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) Edition maintains the VectorLinux philosophy of speed and stability, but is designed for modern computers and is based around the KDE desktop environment. Applications include OpenOffice, Java, the Gimp, Xsane, CUPS, and many others. Everything is pre-installed and tweaked for maximum performance and ease of use. Vectorlinux 6.0 SOHO Edition is the latest release and the Deluxe version is available now.

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Small + Stable + Configurable

VectorLinux Light Edition:

The Light Edition maintains the VectorLinux philosophy of speed and stability, but is designed for older computers, for those with hard disk space concerns, for those who are not easily able to download a full 700MB ISO, or for those who appreciate bloat-free, fast computing. It is based upon the lightweight and fast JWM and Fluxbox window managers. It is supplied with Opera as the browser/email/chat client and also includes some of the applications found in our Standard Edition. This distro edition is usable on computers with only 64MB of RAM.

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Vector + Portable

VectorLinux LIVE Editions:

 The LIVE Editions are bootable CDROM's which contain the entire VectorLinux operating system on the CD. This enables the user to test a distribution on their system without the need of re-partitioning and installing to the hard drive. They also enable the user to use their favorite operating system on any computer, without affecting the computer for future users. If you desire you can actually also install the LIVE Editions to your hard drive, but it is recommended you choose our Standard or SOHO Edition instead if you wish to do this.

VectorLinux presently has two Live Editions: Standard and SOHO. The latest edition is a Preview of the Deluxe Edition.

Standard Live CD download page.      SOHO Live CD download page.

Hardware Requirements:


Standard Edition: Pentium 200 or better, 96MB RAM, 2.1GB hard drive space for system only, more for your data.

SOHO Edition: Pentium 750 or better, 512MB RAM minimum, 5GB hard drive space for system only, more for your data, video and monitor capable of 1024x768 resolution at 24 bits color.

Light Edition: Pentium 166 or better, 64MB RAM minimum, 1.8GB hard drive space for full system - more for your data.

Live Editions: Pentium 750 or better, 256MB RAM minimum, video and monitor capable of 1024x768 resolution at 24 bits colour. For the Beryl version you will need a modern video card.

Comparative Table for Older Versions:
For more information, there is a comparative table of features and hardware requirements for our older versions HERE

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