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  • Kernel version with popular sata, ide and scsi drivers.
  • Glibc-2.5
  • 7.3 is the default X window system. Compiz-fusion on deluxe CD
  • New graphical and text package management with Gslapt and slapt-get.
  • New VL-Hot system for automounting usb devices like pendrives and external drives.
  • Optionally HAL system for automounting devices
  • Easy on your system resources, should run fine with a minimum of 128mb of ram
  • Reguires 2900 megs of disk space for full install (but you should have more available for additional programs and swap space)
  • Laptop support including pcmcia, apm, and TuxOnIce.
  • Usb support via Udev
  • Most available Linux hardware drivers are included.


  • XFCE-4.4.2 desktop system with additional plugins. More window managers available on the deluxe CD.
  • Fully customized KDE-3.5.8 available on the deluxe CD version.
  • Full compliment of office applications- OpenOffice-2.3.1, Koffice on deluxe CD
  • Internet ready with SeaMonkey, Firefox, Opera, Dillo, Pidgin, Xchat and more.
  • Mplayer, flash, acrobat reader and java more available on the deluxe CD.
  • GQview and mtpaint for viewing, manipulating and editing graphics files
  • The Gimp-2.3.4 a very sophisticated image editing program available on the deluxe CD
  • XMMS to play most music formats. Amarok plus many others on deluxe cd
  • A full compliment of GUI programs to handle email, file management, text editing, sound manipulation, file compression, desktop themes. Deluxe CD has many more.


  • Full development suite with most common libraries, compilers and related tools.
  • Gcc G++ updated to version 4.1.2. Binutilities-

  • Chestnut Dialer and PPP setup wizard for easy connection to the net via your modem.
  • VI style text editors, mutt for email, lynx text web browsing, Midnight Commander file manager, ncftp, telnet, ping, finger and all the basic networking applications and daemons.
  • Vim, apache, mysql, Emacs, samba, screen all available on the deluxe CD version.
  • Added security with a built in firewall, port sentry, openssl and openssh..
  • Enhanced USB support with udev
  • The default file manager (midnight commander) will install uninstall all software packages including rpms, slps, debs, tgz, and tlz.


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