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VL 6.0 SOHO Deluxe released

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The VectorLinux development crew is proud to announce the release of VectorLinux-6.0-SOHO-Deluxe.

The SOHO DELUXE release is based on the KDE-4.5.0 plasma desktop and latest xfce4 as a secondary desktop.Updates from the public release include KDE-4.5.0, Digikam-1.4.0, the gimp-2.6.10, k3b-2.0, scribus, OpenOffice, amarok 2.3.1, kmymoney, gnucash and additional games and system updates. Kernel version is which adds new wireless network possibilities. There have been speed and stability improvements. The GUI installer has seen futher refinements and is the default installer. Support has been added for a wider range of graphic chipsets and both lilo and grub2 bootloaders. The latest versions of Firefox, Opera and SeaMonkey browsers are also included. updated to version 7.4 to expand the useable hardware base for SOHO.

SOHO Includes out of the box multimedia support so that all of the popular formats play without the need for searching for third party downloads.There is a new set of custom graphics from the bootsplash to the wallpaper provided by our own artist extraordinaire Masta.

The Deluxe version is available as a high speed download two CD set, or as a packaged two CD set that is shipped to your mailbox. This is your chance to support VectorLinux in a financial fashion that shows your appreciation for the endless hours of hard work the developement team has put in to bring you another great release. You can order the packaged set or download versions from the Vectorlinux website. We hope you enjoy our labor of love and thank you for your support.

Cheers!! the VectorLinux team

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