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VectorLinux Light Edition Released

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The VectorLinux team is proud to announce the release of VectorLinux 5.9 Light final. Living up to the Vector motto of "When Choice Matters," we give you lots of choices in a small package. JWM and Fluxbox window managers for those who want something very light and basic, and the exciting new lightweight desktop environment, LXDE for those who want more features. You will find XFE and Pcmanfm file managers, Opera, Dillo and Lynx web browsers. Xine, MPlayer, and XMMS handle Multimedia while Abiword and Gnumeric cover basic office tasks. Of course the usual Vector tools are included to make your life easier. We think you will find this very fast and very efficient and a perfect fit to any pc new or old.

Although centered around lightweight applications, the complete underlying Vector base allows you to modify and customize your system to your liking. Additional applications are available through the package manager or by compiling your own applications. Standard command line tools or graphical versions like gslapt and vpackager are at your disposal.

VL-Light 5.9

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