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VectorLinux 7.0 Standard Gold

The final release of VectorLinux 7.0 (code name 'GG') is now available. This release is the result of nearly two years of blood sweet and tears since the very successful release of VectorLinux 6.0. With the enthusiasm of a small group of packagers, our repository now hosts over a thousand up to date packages. VectorLinux is the fastest Linux desktop in it's class bar none. We have exceeded our original goals of VectorLinux 7 and produced a beautiful, full featured stable desktop that is fun, fast and efficient.

The main desktop is based on Xfce-4.8 with a custom theme and artwork again unique to VectorLinux. FluxBox is installed as a secondary desktop option. Much work has been done on localization and we know users from all over the globe will find VectorLinux usable in their language of choice.

Vector 7 Screenshot

All the VectorLinux trademarks are included: DVD playback, Audio and Video Codecs, Multimedia and Java plugins are installed and working out of the box. The best of the Open Source world is included: Gimp, Inkscape, Geeqie and Shotwell for Graphics; the latest Firefox and Opera for Internet Browsing; Pidgin and Xchat for instant messaging; Brasero for CD burning (K3B is available in the repo); Mplayer, UMplayer, Xine and Exaile for playing most available media formats. The office applications are Gnumeric and Abiword (Libreoffice and many others available in the repo).

Wireless networking has been extended with updated drivers and firmware, Wicd has been employed to manage wireless and non wireless networking. Ufw with the Gufw gui is included for firewall protection and there is added support for several webcam makes and models.

The Kernel is version 3.0.8 and there have been improvements in installation, usability and hardware Support. We believe this release will fulfill all the hardware requirements of even the most modern equipment.

A special "Thank You" to the testers and packagers that helped during the development phase to make this release a reality.

There is also a live version of the current release which allows for pretesting the viability of the release on an individual basis. We are currently testing a 64 bit version of VectorLinux 7 that has reached the beta stage check our forum for progress.

You can download the VectorLinux-7.0 iso from our official servers here:

The live Vector CD is here:

Been a long road my friends but we are finally here.


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