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VectorLinux 7.0 Release Candidate

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The Vector development crew is proud to announce the first release candidate of VectorLinux 7.0. There have been numerous changes since the beta 2.1 release. The kernel is version, glibc is 2.13 and everything else is up to date with Slackware-13.37. We have the new xfce-4.8.1 with glx-dock (previously cairo-dock), latest abiword, gnumeric, scribus, inkscape, shotwell and a vast array of other programs in all categories at their latest stable versions.

We have squashed major bugs that occurred during the second beta cycle, which includes updates to the kernel, firmware, vasm, gdm, vector artwork, consolekit and some minor theme changes. We have added the ability to build archlinux packages in slackware format in both the abs and aur with a special script unigue to VectorLinux. We also added over 500 packages to the Vector 7 repository including latest kde4, gnome-2.3, lxde, and E17. Please give this a try and report problems or bugs to our forum site. There is now available a live cd version of the latest VectorLinux 7 release for those that want to try before you buy.

You can download the VectorLinux-7.0-RC1 iso from our official servers here:

The live RC1 Vector CD is here:

Cheers!! Vec7 and all the crew.

please post bugs and comments here:

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