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VectorLinux 6.0 Light released

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The VectorLinux team is pleased to announce the final release of VL6.0 Light.
Find it here:

Light is aimed at users with some Linux experience. It is biased towards technical simplicity and high performance. Based on VL6.0 Standard, the most resource hungry applications have been removed or replaced with lighter alternatives. Running services are kept to a minimum.

Default user interface is IceWM with Pcmanfm as your file and desktop manager. Alternate window manager is JWM. Opera provides a fast and standards-compliant web browser with Flashplayer 10 and Mplayer plugins, as well as e-mail and bittorrent clients. Firefox is also available. For local multimedia playback you will find Xmms, Gmplayer and Xine. Record audio with flrec. Vburn takes care of basic CD burning tasks. The Wicd network manager makes it easy to manage wireless connections. Pidgin Instant Messenger works with IRC, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google talk and several other services. The ultra-light Siag Office provides basic word processing and spreadsheet functionality. Graphics are handled by Gqview, Xpdf and Mtpaint. Additional programs include Xarchiver, Leafpad, Ripperx, Xchat, Gftp, Dillo, HV3 and the Fox applications. You can choose between the GDM or KDM login managers. GDM has the advantage of offering easy localization for non-English users. Default auto-mounter for removable devices is vl-hot.

An optional "dev" package makes it a complete Linux workstation which includes a full development environment for programming and compiling code. Full kernel sources are also included. Alongside a huge array of typical Linux command line utilities and software you get scripting languages, man pages, documentation and a complete console based on bash. Multiple toolkits are installed, supporting a wide variety of applications. The system can be further expanded using the package manager or your own packages.

It is recommended that your system meets these requirements: Pentium 200 or better compatible processor (i586 and up). 64 MB of memory - but 128 MB will greatly improve performance. Hard disk space: 2 GB for an install with X-window system, Internet and multimedia applications. 3 GB for "everything". Absolute minimum is 1.1 GB.

The 617 MB CD Image is created using low compression, which greatly speeds up the installation on slower machines. The disc contains boot floppy images for computers that are unable to boot from a CDROM drive.

After you try VectorLinux Light, please come back and post your feedback at the VL Forum.

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