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VectorLinux 5.9 Soho Preview

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The preview release for the next Soho Deluxe Edition

The VectorLinux team is proud to release the SOHO-5.9-Preview-LiveCD. The preview is a try before you buy, not only to ensure it will work with your hardware, but also to showcase some of the features of the install release. We have customized desktops to bring you a feature rich and user friendly experience. This Preview should give you a good idea of what the full installation release has to offer, which you will have to see to believe. We recommend you try this Preview, to make sure of compatibility, and report any bugs so that the development team can implement fixes toward the Final SOHO. Included are, newer secure kernel, xorg 7.3,kde 3.5.9, and openoffice 2.3.1 for the office needs, seamonkey 1.1.9 and FF for your web browsing experience, and much more. This liveCD is packed and can be used as a stand alone for many users. If you find a bug please report to to our bug report section url:

You can download the ISO here:
md5sum: 4364bdd9f98bf3d6bf675de91f56f605  VL5.9-SOHO-preview.iso

Thank you,
the Vector team.

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