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Vector Linux 7.0 Light released

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Vector Linux 7.0 Light is completed and released! Thank you to all the developers, testers and contributors who made this possible.

The term "Light" is relative. This 4-in-1 version gives you the choice of several window managers, in progressively heavier configurations. These are layered on top of the VL 7.0 Standard base, so the expected libraries, toolkits, compilers and codecs remain available.

For those who want a starting point for their own customized desktop, there is the "Barebone" option. It is managed by the super-lightweight JWM, without much fluff. Netsurf, a small and speedy web browser, gives you access to the power of the Internet. Use the included build tools and package manager to download and install the programs of your choice. This configuration has been tested on a Pentium 3 with 128 MB of memory.

The next level up is "Light". If you have used VL6 Light, you will find it very familiar. IceWM and PCManFM-mod power the desktop without consuming a lot of resources. The window manager is "all manual", with extensive options for customization. Indicative of the lightweight applications included are Midori (web browser), Sylpheed (email), flburn (cdrom burning) and wicd (network management). Dynamic mounting of removable drives is accomplished using udev (no hal). This setup works well with 256 MB of RAM.

For more powerful computers, the "Medium" option is a good choice. This gives you the Openbox window manager, fbpanel with a dynamic menu, and PCManFM to handle the desktop and file management. Full size applications include Firefox 11, Abiword and Gnumeric. Samba is installed for those who need to share files with Windows computers. We recommend a 1 GHz or better CPU and 512 MB of RAM for this option.

At the high end you get the full LXDE software suite, on top of everything in "Medium". This desktop environment keeps up with the times, while maintaining a user interface that many of us have grown accustomed to over the years.

Known issues and recommendations: The text installer is showing its age. You will see some warning messages flash by as you install. These are safe to ignore. It may appear to stall at 99%, that last percent includes configuration scripts and takes a while. Watch the hdd light for activity.

The auto-configuration of X is very good. Try running without an xorg.conf. If you need a manual setup on a laptop, you may get better results with the standard mouse driver, rather than choosing "enable touchpad".



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