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The DELUXE version of our latest release, SOHO version 5.1.2 is now available from the CDSTORE. Lots of goodies are included in this special two CD set. The goodies include KDE-3.5, FreeRock Gnome, E17 (a cvs special), custom NVIDIA drivers and more. These are all packed into the second CD with easy install scripts and or README documentation. If thats not enough then how about the full KERNEL SOURCE (for those wanting to build their own drivers), REALPLAYER, ACROBAT READER and OPERA. We have also applied all the bug fixes and patches found since the public release of our base download version (hence version 5.1.2). This release is one of our best. We are excited about SOHO 5.1.2 we hope you enjoy it!

The Vector Team

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