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Seamonkey security update

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A new Seamonkey 1.1.13 for VL 5.8, 5.9, 5.9.1 and the 6.0 alpha releases is available. This is a security patch and bugfix release. If you are running seamonkey 1.1.12 or earlier you probably should upgrade to this package. As soon as we have adequate testing reports it will be moved to the patches repository assuming all is well.

  • Package: seamonkey-1.1.13-i586-1vl58.tlz
  • MD5: f6d447096d4e20e0f226f1c9e1772af3
  • Package Size: 18.51 MB
  • Installed Size: 75.79 MB
  • Package: seamonkey-1.1.13-i586-1vl59.tlz
  • MD5: bcaf63d39a9d3581f8188690bbc7e9b0
  • Package Size: 18.20 MB
  • Installed Size: 74.34 MB
  • Package: seamonkey-1.1.13-i586-1vl60.tlz
  • MD5: f7729b55e143106d251ca11e04026eb7
  • Package Size: 18.07 MB
  • Installed Size: 74.25 MB


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