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Firefox security update

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Firefox 3.0.4 for VL 5.9, VL 5.9.1 and 6.0 is available from the VectorLinux repository. Please note that this is a security patch and bugfix release. If you are running Firefox 3.0.3 or earlier you probably should upgrade to this package. As soon as we have adequate testing reports it will be moved to the patches repository. If you use a language pack, you will need to reinstall it.

  • Package: firefox-3.0.4-i586-1vl59.tlz
  • MD5: bffa481a73384f3b080957a70ddee12c
  • Package Size: 7.26 MB
  • Installed Size: 25.36 MB
  • Package: firefox-3.0.4-i586-1vl60.tlz
  • MD5: 38d4b580204b9cd5596ead3f3c3e0f2a
  • Package Size: 7.27 MB
  • Installed Size: 25.36 MB


Firefox (Mozilla Firefox Web Browser)

Firefox 3 is the next generation release of the award-winning Firefox web browser from Mozilla. To comply with Mozilla trademarks, and to assure quality control, this is the official Mozilla build, packaged for VectorLinux.

License: MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1 Author: Mozilla Foundation Website:
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