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Download locations for the VectorLinux releases.

VectorLinux 7.0 Standard Family

VL 7.0 Standard Edition Gold

The next generation of the VectorLinux operating system is here. With the latest release of the most famous VectorLinux Edition you will get a full featured Desktop Environment ideal for multimedia, Internet browsing or home work.

VL 7.0 Standard Live Edition

Take the latest release of VectorLinux with you, or test the system before installing. This Live CD ships the same features of the installable disk.

VectorLinux 7.0 Light Family

VL 7.0 Light Edition

A VectorLinux with a small memory footprint and light applications. This is a full featured system with multimedia, office and networking capabilities featuring LXDE, IceWM and JWM as Desktop Environments.

VectorLinux 7.0 Soho Family

VL 7.0 SOHO Edition

The latest release of the 7.0 series, VectorLinux 7.0 SOHO Edition delivers - in two ISOs - good performance even with the full fetured KDE 4 desktop. LibreOffice, Scribus, and many productvity applictions are included, as usual in our Small Office or Home Office flavour.

VLocity Linux

VLocity 7.0

VLocity is VectorLinux for your 64 bits CPU

You can download older versions from .


Mirror Sites - the primary VL repository, Oregon, USA - authoritative primary mirror of VL repository, Oregon, USA - authoritative primary mirror of VL repository, Oregon, USA - Utah, USA - North Carolina, USA - Netherlands - Georgia, USA - United Kingdom - Italy - Italy - Russia - Australia, versions 5.0 and earlier only - Australia, versions 5.0 and earlier only - Norway, versions 1.8 and earlier only

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